Miami County Economic Development Group Advanced Manufacturing

Manufacturing has always been a major player in Miami County's economy. There are numerous manufacturing facilities located  in our community representing many disciplines. With our great accessiblity to markets, existing sites and buildings, skilled and available workforce, and unique incentive opportunities, growing your manufacturing company in Miami County is a natural fit.  We take pride in our manufacturing base and provide networking opportunities within our industry sectors to encourage and strengthen the bond between new and existing businesses.

Advance Manufacturing opportunities such as medical device manufacturing, electronic component and robotics, wind turbine components as well as many others would be well suited in Miami County with our premiere access to a skilled and educated workforce and customized training programs.  

Hard-working, loyal employees also leads to the success of these businesses in Miami County. Because of these factors, many local manufacturing facilities have expanded their operations within Miami County in recent years with current expansions planned as well.

             “Things that have made us successful over the years include cooperative and easy to work with city officials, good infrastructure, plenty of good buildings and sites to develop and a good labor force.”

                                                                                                Julius Marburger
                                                                                                President Thrush Co