Miami County Economic Development Group Marketing Assistance

Guidelines for Marketing Assistance Program

Overall Policy / Purpose: A grant program offered by theMiami County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) to assist small businesses within Miami County in marketing their products, wares, etc., at regional or national trade shows. Applications can be made by individuals businesses or a co-op of businesses wishing to attend the same trade show. Funds are provided to off-set registration/booth fees, etc., only and are not to be used for travel expenses, advertising, sponsorships, material development, etc.

Amount of Grant: Grant funds are limited as follows:

  • For individual business applications - 10% of the registration fees up to a maximum of $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars).
  • For a co-op of businesses (2 or more) - 30% of registration fees up to a maximum of $1,000.00 (One Thousand Dollars).

Application Process: Businesses requesting grant consideration must complete the grant application form provided by MCEDA . The completed application and information on the Trade Show, with fees clearly identified, must be turned into MCEDA's offices in ample time for processing prior to the Show date.

Additional Policies / Requirements:

  • Only one grant per year for an individual or an individual as part of a co-op.
  • Grantees agree to
    • Distribute/display MCEDA marketing materials during the show to potential prospects.
    • Provide a written follow-up report to MCEDA no later than 15 (fifteen) days after the show on their achievement of goals/objectives listed on their application.
    • Identify any prospects interested in expanding or relocating their business to Miami County that were developed by Grantee during the Trade Show.

Approval / Disapproval: The Marketing Subcommitte of MCEDA has been designated as the approval authority for the MCEDA Board . MCEDA has allocated a maximum of $5,000.00 (Five Thousand Dollars) per year out of its marketing budget for this grant program. MCEDA reserves the right to reject or deny any and all grant applications.

Please contact the Miami County Economic Development Authority for further details and to obtain an application.